Effective Sept 17, 2017

Secure FBI Directory Inc.
900 SE Central Ave, Suite 223
Seaside Park, New Jersey 08752

(908) 358-7756

All information Secure FBI Directory collects from those who enroll is for the purpose of making this information available in your directory card on this Secure Directory. We ship to your mailing address if you have requested a Print directory. We do not sell or share your information.

The Secure FBI Directory content is protected by a 256-bit encryption login. The third party login software firm is where your name and password reside. You agree not to share your login with others except if they work with you in your company.

The third party credit card processing company is Stripe. Stripe is a bridge to our bank, not a bank itself. It does not retain your information.

You can opt out of this directory at anytime by emailing us. You can terminate your login at anytime on your own. You may also update your password at your own discretion.

The login to this directory is by enrollment on an annual, renewal basis.

Google Adsense is not used on this website.