Secure FBI Directory

a professional Print and Digital Services Directory
for former FBI Special Agents
who now conduct
Private Investigations / Consulting / Security Protection
or who have the need to make referrals
to former FBI Special Agents in those fields. 

Secure FBI Directory Membership benefits include:

  • For Special Agents By Special Agents

  • Secure Login for Digital version

  • Secure Print version is formatted, printed
    and packaged in-house

  • A Referral Service for all members 

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Running Enrollment is open.

New members who enroll from now through December 15, 2019 will be added to the Digital version promptly and will be included in the 2020 Print version that mails early in March 2020. All members appear in both versions.

Coming soon, renewing members will be able to subscribe online and for the first time may select auto renewal, or renew by check for annual renewal.


New to this Directory? Welcome.

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Sign-up for immediate entry to the Digital version.

If you enroll Print & Digital, you will be entered into the Print version that mails early in March 2020.

Directory Cover and sample Digital version Name page

Directory Cover and sample Digital version Name page

Sample Print version Name page



now through December 15, 2019 to be included in the Digital version and 2020 Print version.

  • Current members appear in Digital version through 2020.

  • New members are added to the Digital version from now through 2020.

  • Those who join - PRINT & DIGITAL - will receive a Print Directory.

We do offer special rates for multi-agent offices. Contact us

You may also purchase an additional Print Directory at anytime.

What is Secure FBI Directory?

A professional Print and Digital Services Directory for former FBI Special Agents who now conduct Private Investigations, Consulting or Security Services. 

Joining the Secure FBI Directory membership makes your information available to assist you and your fellow members in our day-to-day activities by drawing on the strength of our mutual talents, skills, and brotherhood.

Both Digital and Print versions have 3 Sections. All members are in each version.

1. Geographical Section: Members home base and all locations where they work.

2. Name Section: Name, address, currently works, formerly worked, phones, email, website, additional information, specialties, on 1/2 of an A5 page per member.

3. Specialties Section: An expanding list of 70 + specialties shows the State where members live and Names of members who do this work.
New members and updates to member information from mid-January 2019 through July 2019 are shown in the Digital version as they come in. They updates appear in the Print Appendix in August 2019.

Both versions can be searched: 
Geographical location, Name, and Specialties on all your devices including smartphone, tablet and computer as well as in an easy to carry Print version!


Presented by Jane Mason
Co-Founder Secure FBI Directory

APPENDIX: 2019 is digital

- Contains new members who signed up after the 2019 Print version mailed. 

The video above may be an assistance to current members who have a 2019 Print Directory. It demonstrates to you how to easily add and remove pages in the disk system.

As a courtesy, all members are receiving the 2019 digital Appendix.


Enrollment is for individual Former FBI Special Agents only.

There is no corporate discount and no public access!

The 2017 edition of Trapline was the last after of the death of Jim Abbott. The Secure FBI Directory 1st print edition in 2018 was created to continue the same concept: for Special agents by Special agents as a referral service for all members. We invite you to join us. Because we have a Digital and Print Directory, you can join at anytime.

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