Updated July 2018

Is Secure FBI Directory replacing Trapline?

Please note, our understanding is that the 2017 edition of Trapline is the final edition because of the death of Jim Abbott, Trapline’s founder. We aren’t replacing Trapline but realize we are filling the void.

What information do you fill in on the Secure FBI Directory enrollment form?

If you would like to view the enrollment form, check back for latest form. (7/14/18)

Do you offer a multiple sign-up rate?

Yes. Please Contact Us

When will I receive the directory? 

After you enroll:

Your information will be promptly added to the Secure FBI Directory Digital version. You will also be sent your login email to gain access.

You will be promptly sent a current version of the Secure FBI Directory Print version. Your name will be added to the next Secure FBI Directory Print version update.*

If your initial enrollment starts Oct 1 you will be sent the sent the Secure FBI Directory Print version when it is published early in the following year.

How often will the directories be updated?

Digital version


  • current member changes are made in the Digital version.

  • new members added to the Digital version

The Print version - 2019

Who is included in the 2019 Print version?

  • current members who renew

  • new members who enroll by the end of Open Season

Who receives a copy of the 2019 Print version?

  • current members who renew

  • new members who enroll by the end of Open Season

The mid-year Appendix

Who is included in the Mid-year Appendix?

all new member information and current member changes made in the Digital version during January 2019 - June 2019.

How much are you donating to the Former Agents of the FBI Foundation?

The Foundation is so important to all of us.  When we were talking about the concept of this directory, we decided to donate ten percent of our net proceeds in order to contribute to our extended "family".

How do I make an update to my information?

Use our Contact Us form to inform us of the updates you would like to make.

When will I have to renew my membership?

Your membership is for now through the end of 2018 at which time there will be an annual renewal.

Why are there two directories: a Print version and a Digital version?

We are private investigators and love having the ease of grabbing the print version of documents to read and review.  But, we are always on the road where we use tablets and smartphones for everything we do!  So, we thought it would be very useful to have this directory available in both Print and Digital versions.