EW - Expert Witness


ALBRACHT, Donald Joseph
Overland Park, Kansas

  • Firearms and Firearms Training,
    Police and Civilian


Shawnee, Kansas

  • Police procedures
    and crime scene processing

BAKER, Kevin M.

Roseville, California

  • Fraud matters

BARNES, Wayne A.

Plantation, Florida

  • Court Qualified as "Investigator," by a Federal Judge - that is to testify about the conducting of investigations


Lawrenceville, Georgia

  • Drug Investigations/Washington, DC and Georgia

CID, Brian Luis

Enka, North Carolina

  • Qualified as an expert witness in drug and investigations in the Western District of New York

DIFONZO, Ralph A., Jr.

Bethany Beach, Delaware

  • Court Qualified: Ten Finger Print Identification (FBI approved) Testified in State & Federal Courts

DOOLEY, Joseph Paul

Milford, Pennsylvania

  • Court Qualified: Damages

DOYLE, Mike J.

Duxbury, Massachusetts

  • Gang expert

ELLIOTT, Mick Michael

Calabasas, California

  • Financial Fraud
    EW testimony in California and Oklahoma


FARROW, Sandra F.

Johnson City, Tennessee

  • Crimes Against Children, CP

FARROW, Thomas

Johnson City, Tennessee

  • Cockfighting/animal fighting/interstate gambling


Pembroke Pines, Florida

  • Certified in Counterintelligence Matters by the Court of Immigration Review

FRISOLI, Lawrence

Winchester, Massachusetts

  • Illegal DVDs

GIBSON, Robert H., III

Knoxville, Tennessee

  • White Collar Crimes


Livingston, New Jersey

  • Southern District of New York; Eastern District of New York; District of New Jersey; New York County

GRUPE, Peter Fredrick

New York, New York

  • White Collar Crime - Financial Crimes


McAllen, Texas

  • Fraud

JOHNSON, Alfred L.

North Charleston, South Carolina

  • Virginia (Criminal) South Carolina (Criminal, Civil, Probate) PA (Criminal) DC (Criminal)

KINCAID, Terry Russell

Celina, Texas

  • Court Qualified: Handling Informants and Confidential Sources and related administrative responsibilities

KOENIG, Bruce Eric

Palm Harbor, Florida

  • Court Qualifies: Audio, Video & Still Images


LADSOUS, Emmanuel

Long Beach, CA

  • LNG – Language: French

LA MANNA, Alfred

Lake Worth, Florida

  • Organized Crime

MARTIN, Wayne D.

Athens, Georgia

  • Court Qualified: Firearms identification & functions

MARTINO, Daniel Mel

Mission Hills, California

  • As a Private Investigator, testified in depositions regarding investigations 

PICCA, Bernardo

New York, New York

  • Court qualified as Digital Evidence Technician (DEXT), Firearms Expert

  • LNG – Languages: Italian

PRICE, Robert

San Diego, CA

  • Accounting; Computer Investigations; Private Investigations


Downingtown, Pennsylvania

  • Litigation support

RINEK, Jeffrey L.

Rescue, California

  • CA court qualified expert witness

ROOK, John Earl

Luling, Louisiana

  • Law Enforcement Training and Operations

YOUNG, Ellis Edward, Jr.

Olive Branch, Mississippi

  • Fingerprint Identification